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Cultural Night & Fundraiser

Written by Paula Adamek, Volunteer at ACAA – May 2017

Afghanistan and Central Asian Association (ACAA) organised a fundraising event on the 9th of May, 2017 in an attempt to expand its sources of funding and raise money for its current services and projects. Mahna Kasraee, the current Women’s Officer headed the planning and organisation of the event with the help of ACAA volunteers. Despite constraints on time and resources the planning committee put together an event that will not be easily forgotten. Marked by a fervent vigour by the event committee, the unwavering enthusiasm of its volunteers and guests from an array of backgrounds and nationalities, the ACAA fundraiser was a night full of laughter, entertainment and delicious food.

The fundraiser followed the theme of Afghan culture. Enveloped in the jubilant live music performed by the Kabul Boys, the guests had an opportunity to further familiarise themselves with the goals of the organisation. Director of ACAA Dr. Nasimi spoke about his journey in founding his charity and about his staunch commitment to helping refugees and asylum seekers today, 16 years later. The evening was rendered all the more special thanks to the mesmerising Tajik, Persian and Afghan dances performed by the talented Ziba Tabrizi and the compelling poetry reading given by Suhrab Sirat, which touched many of our guests. And for those previously unacquainted with the Afghan culture, the delicious traditional dinner of qabuli and mantu provided an excellent introduction and whetted appetites for more.

The raffle held at the closing of the event hosted prizes brought directly from Afghanistan and helped raise additional funds to the organisation.

Lovely photos were taken by Natalie from Identity Trip.

The ACAA was proud to deliver such a successful event and in turn is encouraged to plan more fundraising events in the future.


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