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Workshop on Intercultural Communication

A workshop which focuses on how to use different forms of communication to bridge different cultures and language.


Written by Lily Beaumont – Volunteer at ACAA

On 7th October, we were lucky enough to have Dr Marta Niccolai, Senior teaching fellow at the School of European Language, Culture and Society at UCL, lead a workshop with our ladies in Deptford. Marta’s focus was on looking at how theatre can be a space where people from all different groups and identities can learn about each other’s cultural similarities and differences. The aim of the workshop was to develop our participants confidence in communicating, with activities to show how you can use body language and eye contact as a vehicle for communication when language and cultures are different. The workshop covered different activities both in pairs and groups, including looking at each other with awareness of the ‘other’ and singing Afghan and Italian lullabies to understand that they have cultural differences but similar content and emotions. The workshop was a wonderful opportunity for the women to properly engage with one another and step out of their comfort zone in a safe space.

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