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Written by Amy Austin – Women’s Development Officer

The Afghanistan and Central Asian Association are holding a free legal clinic on Thursday 16th November, between 5 and 7pm at our Deptford office, in order to help ensure everybody has access to quality legal advice. We are facing one of the largest refugee crises in history whilst simultaneously experiencing deep cuts to government welfare and assistance programs.

At the ACAA our clients are often amongst the most vulnerable, new to a country whose legal system they may not understand, often with poor English skills and unaware that they are entitled to assistance. Those who are most vulnerable, most in need of legal aid & advice are often therefore unable to access the help that they need.

Government cuts to legal aid have effectively created a two-tier system, denying vulnerable people the human right of appropriate legal representation. The failings in our current legal system have wide-ranging consequences, harming those trying to escape domestic violence, those facing eviction from their homes and those who have fled persecution in their home countries. Organizations such as ourselves help bridge the gap, linking vulnerable populations and generous legal firms such as Warren’s Family Solicitors & ADA Solicitors. The ACAA not only helps educate our clients on their rights but also provides translation services and clinics, explaining the processes involved.

Legal cases are often incredibly complex and technical. The ability to access legal aid will often determine the outcome of a case more than the individual details of the case themselves, causing people with legitimate asylum claims losing.

We are hoping to establish more regular legal clinics in order to provide wider ranging and more consistent advice, building partnerships with local law firms.


We would love to invite you to join the discussion:


We will be running through the development of our legal project, discussing what we do to help our clients, and what we do to support and empower women in the community.


24 Deptford Broadway, London, SE8 4PA

Thursday 16th November


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