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Hounslow Supplementary School Christmas Trip on Saturday, December 16th

Written by Paula Adamek – Hounslow Educational Coordinator

December 9th witnessed the ACAA Hounslow Supplementary School’s final teaching session of the year. To pleasantly round off the term for our hard-working students, we organised a theatre trip on Saturday December 16th.

The ACAA strives to promote the social participation of its members, as well as to reach their potential through education – as such, exposing the Supplementary School students to the theatre, which teaches the lessons of cultural relativity and empathy, presented itself as the perfect opportunity.

The ACAA students, along with our lovely volunteer teachers and the Educational Coordinator, went to see “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” at Watermans Theatre in Brentford. It was a sunny day and everyone was in a good mood, eager to see the show and get into the Christmas spirit. The play, which started promptly at 11, captivated its audience with its colourful props, gripping storyline and the ‘Sugar Plum Dance’, deftly adapted with a more modern twist. Our students got actively involved in the plot, interacting with the actors and promising to learn the ‘Sugar Plum Dance’ for themselves. It was visible that the ACAA pupils have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as one of them said: ‘This was better than Aladdin, which I saw yesterday. I really liked the Nutcracker, but Aladdin was kind of boring!’

The play was the talk of the town all the way back on the bus. Our students were planning next trips, asking when and where we could go after the New Year, and whether it would be possible to organise an outing to Winter Wonderland in a year’s time. It was great to see the children talking amongst themselves, regardless of age groups, and striking new friendships. At the end of the day, the Educational Coordinator received a grateful message from one of the parents, saying how much his daughter has enjoyed herself and wishing the ACAA staff a Happy New Year!

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