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Nowruz 1397 with ACAA

‘We felt at home and totally charmed by the gathering’ Debanjali

Happy New Year!
سال نو مبارک
نوی کال مو مبارک شه

NOWRUZ is the most beloved celebration of the year for millions of people across the Middle East and Central Asia. In these cultures, the first day of Spring marks the first day of the year as the blooming flowers and warmer temperatures herald rebirth and renewal.

On the 24 March, the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association (ACAA) hosted its annual Nowruz Celebration in Hounslow, West London. Attendees were treated to the full ACAA experience as live music, delicious Afghan food, and superb dance performances welcomed Spring and the, ever so slightly, warmer weather. Although our guests were from many different backgrounds, we were all united by a shared love for this most festive day.

The night’s entertainment featured a range of performances:

West London Bhangra group experty performed Bhangra Punjabian Da.

Indian dancers Priyanka and Debanjali brought great joy to the audience with their Bollywood act.

An old friend of the ACAA, Afghan dancer Ziba Tabrizi mingled with the audience and many children loved dancing along with her.

Throughout the evening, the renowned London boyband ‘Kabul Boys’ provided great entertainment with their nostalgic songs!

For many, Nowruz is a time of family gatherings, food, and wholesome merriment. The Nowruz celebration hosted by the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association was a reflection of these principles. All those who attended the event were brought into the ACAA family through taking part in the joyous celebration. We hope to see them all next year.

‘There aren’t may events which cater for children and young people. It was nice to celebrate the New Year as a family’ 

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