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The Importance of Social Media for Social Activists

Written by Ahlem Nefzi – Volunteer at ACAA

Yesterday, Thursday 12th of April, I had the pleasure of participating in an event which stressed the importance and effective use of Social Media for activism, influencing and networking.

The summit was aimed at the next generation of volunteers as the new change makers. It was inspiring to see a full room of youngsters, like me, ready to hear how we can better our community. The event was not only motivating but also extremely informative as we had the pleasure of hearing stories from a social activist and an emerging social comedian and content creator.

The social comedian’s story was appealing and stimulating and they told us their story as a British Asian comedian raised in Devon, who made a living through his passion by entertaining people on social media. The social activist’s unique story was really emotional and truly inspiring. Indeed, they revealed to us some of the secrets to get media coverage and gave some tips on how to intelligently use our networks and links to further our aims and raise awareness of our cause.

The event also provided an insight in the industry of social media, to understand its structure and develop our opportunities. If you own the game, social media can help you to reach wider media coverage. As the social comedian highlighted, it is not only about the followers you have on your platform, but the content you create and the channels you use to reach your audience. Messaging is a key factor, in particular if you are running a campaign. A clear message together with your motivating story are crucial for attention.

Overall, it was a great opportunity for me to develop my digital skills and expand my network. I had the opportunity to speak to and meet new people, hear new stories and share mine. I received lots of suggestions, learnt to use key tools and strategies all of which I will certainly apply to my work as a volunteer at ACAA.

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