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Why volunteering matters today – making a difference ?

According to the NCVO, an estimated 15.2 million people volunteer at least once a month in the UK. But what motivates them? Why do so many people offer their time for a cause that would not necessarily benefit them?

Volunteering is an opportunity to make a real difference in someone else’s life. It is a chance to contribute to society and to give back to your local community. You also get to meet a lot of new interesting people who help you grow personally. Volunteering brings out the best in people, showing that humans at their core are good and want to do good.

In today’s world, it’s reassuring to see that a lot of people believe in good causes that help others. They see that their hard work pays off and has the potential to provide help for people who need it the most. For example, David Patient has been volunteering at the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association for over four months. He has provided essential legal aid for a number of refugees and asylum seekers who needed it in order to integrate more successfully in their local communities. He has also helped homeless people get welfare support and find a stable housing situation. David’s work has had an undeniably life changing impact on many people’s lives. When you think of the impact that David has made and then add that to the ones that the other 15 million volunteers throughout the UK have had, that work becomes essential. We don’t always see the impact of volunteers in our everyday lives but everybody knows somebody that has benefitted from the hard work of a volunteer. Whether that’s for legal aid, cancer support or providing assistance for disabled people, it all matters because so many people are in need of that help and every contribution makes a difference.

This is what Volunteer’s Week is all about, highlighting the hardworking volunteers who give their time for a good cause without expecting anything in return. It’s about showing the huge difference that their work has made in their communities. No matter how big or small the gesture, helping people always makes a difference. Throughout Volunteer’s Week, we aim to thank all those who give their time and energy to contribute to bettering the lives of those who need it the most. Thanking people who work tirelessly because they believe in a good cause and they believe that they can make a difference in someone’s life.

That’s exactly why volunteering matters. With everything that is going on in the world today, it is essential to be reminded that human kindness and decency is still an important to everyone.

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