ACAA Director, Dr. Nooralhaq Nasimi MBE, shortlisted for Charity Chief Executive of the Year

Jul 10, 2024

Afghanistan and Central Asian Association Director, Dr. Nooralhaq Nasimi MBE, has been shortlisted for Charity Chief Executive of the Year in the Third Sector Awards 2024. 

This award seeks to recognise the sacrifice and determination of individuals and organisations in the third sector and celebrate their exceptional achievements which act to drive the sector forward. Dr. Nasimi MBE has been nominated alongside other influential charity bosses including the Chief Executives of the RSPCA and Comic Relief. 

In his nomination, Dr. Nasimi MBE is credited for working “tirelessly” to support refugees, especially those from Afghanistan and across central Asia to thrive in a new country. They reflect upon the Nasimi family’s start in the UK; having fled Afghanistan in 1999, they arrived in England in the back of a refrigerated lorry. Third Sector says that these challenges are what “provided the motivation/blueprint for launching ACAA” and continue to drive his work to this day. 

Dr. Nasimi MBE expressed his gratitude for this nomination, saying;

“I am so pleased my work has been recognised by the Committee”. If awarded the title of Charity Chief Executive of the year, it would be a huge success for the diaspora community from Afghanistan” and a sign that “the people of Afghanistan are the same as other nations – they can achieve if the opportunities come available for them”. 

The work of Dr. Nasimi MBE and the team at the ACAA remains extremely important. In 2024, the ACAA is a leading refugee charity in the UK that provides services refugees and asylum seekers in the form of English language classes, legal support, community events, sports teams, and crisis support, to name a few. Beyond the UK, the ACAA advocates for the rights of Afghans both in the country and across the global diaspora. Nomination for Charity Chief Executive of the Year honours this work and reinforces the need for continued commitment to the Afghan community. It is particularly rewarding in a year in which the ACAA has expanded its footprint and tripled its integration support to 15,000 refugees on a limited budget. 

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Congratulations Dr. Nasimi MBE.

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