ACAA Expands Horizons: Connecting Hearts in Birmingham

Jan 30, 2024

In a meaningful convergence of purpose and progress, the Afghanistan and Central
Asian Association (ACAA) London office visited their Birmingham branch on January 22, 2024.

The purpose of this visit was not just administrative; it was a heartfelt connection with
students and beneficiaries, welcoming our new staff member, and marking the strides made
since the office’s inception in late 2022.

ACAA’s Director Dr. Nooralhaq Nasimi MBE, highlighted the growing demand for
ACAA services in Birmingham. Dr. Nasimi passionately emphasised the organisation’s
crucial role in assisting refugees and asylum seekers in integrating into British society. His
words resonated deeply, underscoring the significance of community support in these
individuals’ challenging journeys.

One noteworthy introduction during the event was Romal Karimi, a new staff
member, who recently arrived from Afghanistan, with a specific focus on UK refugee
outreach. Karimi’s presence signifies ACAA’s commitment to addressing the unique
challenges faced by refugees in the UK and those who have recently arrived from
Afghanistan. His expertise promises to further enrich the organisation’s multifaceted
approach to integration services.

The event also served as a platform to express gratitude and recognition. Certificates
were presented to English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) teachers and volunteers,
acknowledging their dedication and hard work. These certificates symbolise not only
individual accomplishments but also the collective achievements of a community dedicated
to fostering understanding and unity.

The journey to Birmingham was more than a routine visit; it was a testament to
ACAA’s expanding efforts and its impact on diverse projects across the UK. The Birmingham
branch, established in 2022, has rapidly become a beacon of hope and support for refugees,
offering a range of integration services such as ESOL classes and women empowerment

This collaborative spirit was reiterated in the director’s visit statement, stating, “Our
goal is not only to provide assistance but to build a community where everyone feels a sense
of belonging and support. We are proud of the strides we’ve made in Birmingham, and we are
committed to continuing our work to make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.”

As ACAA continues to weave its tapestry of compassion and support, the journey to
Birmingham stands as a testament to the organisation’s unwavering commitment to creating a
more inclusive and empathetic society for refugees and asylum seekers across the United

By Malak Al Kasadi

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