Afghanistan and Central Asian Association’s Integration Project – Launch in Maidstone, Kent.

Jan 23, 2024


The Afghanistan and Central Asian Association (ACAA) extended its reach by
inaugurating its Integration Project in Maidstone, Kent on the 17th of January 2024. The
event took place at the Maidstone Community Centre and was marked by a celebration of
diversity and unity. The Integration Project, fueled by the diligent efforts of Kent Project
Officer Nabila Weda, has already demonstrated its impact in the past few months. With a
primary focus on aiding refugees and asylum seekers, the project initiated English for
Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes, an Important step towards facilitating
communication and integration into the local community. Dr. Nooralhaq Nasimi, the
esteemed Director of ACAA, delivered an inspiring speech. Dr. Nasimi emphasised the
importance of creating a welcoming environment for refugees and asylum seekers.

The event not only provided a platform for ACAA, but it also received support from
local influential individuals, including Maidstone Mayor Gordon Newton. Mayor Newton
expressed his support for the project, acknowledging the vital role it plays in promoting
harmony within the community. Councillors Stuart Jeffery and Maureen Cleator also graced
the occasion with their presence, delivering speeches that echoed the sentiments of unity
and collaboration. The Integration Project does not merely stop at language classes, it
envisions an approach towards empowerment. Future plans include the introduction of
women’s empowerment sessions, recognising the unique challenges faced by female
refugees. Additionally, a legal advice clinic is in process, offering essential support to those
navigating complex legal processes in a new country.

The attendance of various charities demonstrated the collaborative spirit of the community,
as they joined hands to support ACAA in its endeavours and to work together for the
advancement of the community. Towards the conclusion of the event, the attendees had the
opportunity to socialise over refreshments, encouraging connections that extend beyond
the formalities of the event. By addressing the varied needs of refugees, from language skills
to legal support, ACAA is paving the way for a more inclusive and harmonious society. As the
project continues to unfold, it is sure to leave a lasting mark on the lives of those it touches,
fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment.

By Mouli Sharma

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