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01 August 2022

Art practice with migrant women: Three challenges to rediscovering home Art practice with migrant women: Three challenges to rediscovering home – Mastoureh Fathi, Rabia Nasimi, 2022 Community Work with Migrant and Refugee Women: ‘Insiders’ and ‘Outsiders’ in Research and Practice – Emerald Points (Hardback) Naomi Thompson (author), Rabia Nasimi (author), Marina Rova (author), Andy Turner […]

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An Endless Cycle: The Continous Curtailment of Women’s Rights in Afghanistan.

20 January 2022

Earlier this month, a video showing a group of men sawing the heads off of female mannequins in a shop in Western Afghanistan went viral on social media. Agence France-Presse reported that this action was taken in response to new Taliban orders declaring that female life-sized figures, such as mannequins found in clothing stores, violate […]

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Frozen Assets and Freezing Temperatures: Afghanistan faces a Starving Winter

06 December 2021

“Fatima has seven kids, five girls and two boys. They are grindingly poor  already… She has to beg for flour which used to be delivered under the old  government before the Taliban came in… Looking at those kids, it was quite difficult… It hasn’t happened yet, and yet you know it is just around the […]

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The journey of the essentials pop-up

09 November 2021

Check out this video which very briefly summarises the huge amount of hard work and dedication our volunteers put into the essentials pop-up to ensure that newly arrived refugees had access to the essential items they need. Led by Rose, the volunteers managed to achieve so much in just a short space of time and we […]

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Welcoming refugees into the essentials pop-up

25 October 2021

Ava Pevsner “The most rewarding part of volunteering 6, even 7, days a week running the essentials pop up shop is when Afghan evacuees come in person to collect clothes. They typically arrive cold and anxious and leave warm and full of smiles. It makes the long hours worthwhile”  Rose McGrath, lead volunteer On occasion, […]

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ACAA X Seenit

Check out what we have been up to in the past few months! A big thank you to Seenit and Emily Forbes for creating this film for us  

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Mental Health of the People of Afghanistan in an Unequal World

14 October 2021

Saher Ashiq Ali The theme revealed by WFMH President Dr Ingrid Daniels for World Mental Health Day this year is “Mental Health in an Unequal World.” The inequality with regards to mental health is mostly recognised in terms of having a lack of access to and awareness about mental health care. However, this article focuses […]

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Mental Health Resources

11 October 2021

Mental Health Information Packs This information is specifically tailored towards refugees with limited English, as the barriers to accessing mental health support due to financial, cultural or language barriers, mean many people have little option but to turn to self help. Here are resources for those experiencing feelings of Anxiety, Depression and PTSD, including self […]

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How to Donate

Our marquee houses essential donations given to us by generous individuals, companies and donations through our Amazon wish list. Over the past 6 weeks, we have been massively appreciative to receive all sorts of donations, from clothes to toiletries to children’s toys to luggage. Thanks to your generosity, we have been inundated with donations and […]

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Afghan Cultural Awareness Information

05 October 2021

This note provides important cultural information for people providing services to Afghan refugees in the UK.

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