Case Study & Testimonial

Case Studies

A Lifesaving Haven and Second Family Through Challenges

I have been part of the ACAA for over two years, and I can confidently say it has been a lifesaver during some of the most challenging times of my life. The warmth and welcome I have received from the wonderful people at the centre have made it feel like a second home to me. During these past two years, I’ve faced numerous family difficulties, and ACAA has been my steadfast support system. Regardless of the nature of the help I’ve needed, whether it’s been related to family issues, benefits, or any other matter, I have always felt valued and supported. The staff and volunteers at ACAA go above and beyond to create a nurturing and inclusive environment. Their dedication to helping people in need is truly remarkable. I can’t express how grateful I am for the kindness, guidance, and assistance I’ve received at the ACAA. It’s more than a community centre, it’s a place where you can always rely on finding a welcoming embrace and a helping hand. Thank you, ACAA, for being my second family and a beacon of hope during my difficult times.

Marwa’s Migration Story and the Transformative Impact of ACAA

My name is Marwa*. I am from Afghanistan. My migration story began when I was eight. I spent time in Russia and the Netherlands before coming to the UK a few years ago, after getting married and having my children. I started to study the English language. Then I was taking courses in a hairdresser and beauty therapy. I was at the finest level three hairdresser and level one beauty Therapy. One time I had a lot of problems in my life, but I never gave up and never stopped studying trying to make a better future for myself because my dream is to work and then be an independent mum. I want that in the future when I look back, I never feel bad about why I never worked harder for my children to make a good life for myself and my children. One year ago, I moved to Hounslow, London to a shared house, and I had a lot of problems. Then a lady told me that there is a place called ACAA that helps Afghan refugees, and I went to the ACAA. They will help you with everything. One day I came to the ACAA and after that it changed my life and my children’s. Here they help me enrol into the college. We are very happy that we are having ACAA and that we take part in all their courses and other programmes. Here we can learn a lot of things to make a good life for ourselves. I am proud that we have this place thanks to Dr. Nasimi MBE who is an incredibly good person. We are happy that we have the ACAA.


‘The teacher is very good. She is patient, friendly and has a plan for the class. The method of the session is good. We have a group chat and a separate room for chatting. The time is fantastic and we have an open end’.

Noorullah Husainy

ESOL student

“Me and my family wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being by our side and holding our hands in our very bad situations that we’ll never forget and will always remember. Personally I don’t know how to pay back your kindness, I’ll forever be grateful to have met someone like you, you were like a family and sister to me that we did share everything with you. Once again we all appreciate your help and kindness. Thank you Justine.”

I was one of the Afghanistan Association ESOL department students. I’m very delighted that I joined their classes and I met with hard working teachers and I’ve learned so many things. Meanwhile I improved my English skills a lot. Now I’m able to speak and write without any translator. Apart from this I wanted to sincerely thank one of the Afghanistan Association’s Manager and Mentor Justine. She had a very big effect on me and my daughter who used to go to college, she was the purest soul we ever met. Words won’t be enough to describe her kindness and support for family. I highly recommend this course for those who want to learn English and I can ensure that they’ll be able to speak fluently by the time passing.