International Education Day – 24th January 2024

Jan 24, 2024

Albert Einstein

24th January was proclaimed as International Education Day by the United Nations General Assembly to celebrate the role of education in bringing about world peace and facilitating development.

This Education Day, it would be important to first ask ourselves this question, “What is the purpose of education and why do we need it?”. There is a myriad of answers that come to fore while comprehending this question. However, given the current world context, there are two most important facets of the many purposes of education:

  1. To bring about a change in order, to save humanity from the brink of destruction.
  2. Help those forcefully displaced in war, to adapt and build skills, to not only survive but also succeed in personal as well as professional realms.

On one hand, where the world is racing towards modernism and economic growth, there are parts that burn every single day because of never ending wars, claiming innocent lives, thrusting people into poverty, and forcing them to flee their motherland only to seek refuge in countries that remain oblivious to their internal struggles.

Every year countless people are displaced, grappling to reconstruct their lives while adapting to unfamiliar cultures and societies. It has become imperative for us to unite as a society and bridge the gaps that divide us, to encourage tolerance, to fight hate crimes, to foster gender equality and inclusivity. We must use education as a force for positive change and unity in the face of global challenges.

We at the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association, use education as a cornerstone for the successful resettlement and empowerment of migrants. We strive to support migrants in every aspect of their resettlement. From offering welfare support, mentoring sessions, English language classes, digital education for girls, and supplementary school to support children and young people with their school curriculum. We believe that education has a transformative power to pave the way for a more just, tolerant, and peaceful world where all of us can see the inextinguishable light in our fellow humans and help one another shine brighter.

George Carver

Our education services include:

  • English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • Supplementary School to help students with their school work including Maths and English support
  • Digital Education
  • Farsi and Qur’anic classes
  • Chess club
  • Employment classes

Therefore, this International Education Day, let us all pledge to harness the power and positivity of education, and together unlock the golden door of freedom. Let every lesson learnt be a step towards a brighter future, guiding us all towards enlightenment, global solidarity, and eventually, peace.

Written by Lipi Sinha



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