29th Nov 23 : ‘Women of Afghanistan: Navigating the Path to Empowerment’ Conference

Nov 3, 2023

This event is set to be a vibrant dialogue, with attendees from Afghanistan’s diaspora in the UK, esteemed Members of Parliament, prominent NGOs, think tanks, veteran journalists, academic scholars, and activists. The collective aim is to foster profound conversations about the challenges and aspirations of Afghan women, both within their homeland and abroad. Moreover, we’ll discuss the instrumental role that the UK, along with the global community, must adopt to staunchly support their rights and dignity. The event’s program is brimming with compelling speeches, panel interactions, and a glimpse into traditional Afghan music. The evening will end with food and a networking session.

The conference will comprise two distinct panels; please select which one would you like to participate in:  

Panel 1: ‘The Realities of Women in Afghanistan’

Afghan women are the only women in the 21st century deprived of their basic right, education. Following the fall of Kabul, women have been targeted, undermined, and restricted from leaving their homes. This panel will pull together experts, activists, and individuals deeply connected to the Afghan community to shed light on the multifaceted challenges and triumphs experienced by Afghan women from within Afghanistan. Delve into the current status of women’s rights in Afghanistan, offering a holistic understanding of the struggles and resilience of Afghan women in a rapidly changing environment.

Panel 2:  ‘Afghan Women in Refuge and Exile – The Role of the United Kingdom in Empowering Them’

Our distinguished panelists will delve into the experiences and struggles of Afghan women who have sought refuge and exile in the United Kingdom. They will illuminate the support systems in place, the legal and humanitarian aspects, and the pathways to empowerment and integration. It will emphasise the importance of international solidarity and collaboration, particularly in the United Kingdom, in the pursuit of gender equality and empowerment for Afghan women, even in the face of adversity, in shaping the future of Afghanistan. This event aims to inspire action and change, fostering a better understanding of the resilience and aspirations of Afghan women in the United Kingdom.

Details of the event are as follows:

  • Event Name: ‘Women of Afghanistan: Navigating the Path to Empowerment’
  • Date: 29th November 2023
  • Timings: 17:30 to 21:00