Co-op x Hubbub at ACAA

18 July 2022


On 7 July the ACAA hosted a video production crew in partnership with Co-op Food to film an advertisement. Featuring a cooking class with members of the Salvadoran diaspora who prepared a dish called Yuca con Curtido, it highlighted the two Community Hub refrigerators in Ferdowsi Hall at our Hounslow office which were donated by Co-op in partnership with the environmental charity Hubbub. On the importance of these Community Hubs in advancing the mission of the ACAA, Head of Partnerships and Volunteering Sharon Evans said “The food isn’t only about food. It also provides friendship, a sense of community and a home from home. The Fridge and the food it provides is at the heart of everything we do. We serve a hot lunch here every day and it connects social support services, and cultural events and groups for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.”