Our Work

Emergency Aid

We work on-the-ground in Afghanistan delivering emergency aid to those in need. This includes aid such as water, food, cash to families threatened by homelessness and clothing among other necessities. Our work in Afghanistan aims to promote human rights and relieve poverty. We are working towards reopening our citizens advice centres in Kabul and Pul-e Khumri and hope to expand our advice network to other parts of Afghanistan. We are the only charity in the UK that provides emergency humanitarian relief on the ground in Afghanistan as well as directly aiding beneficiaries within the UK as well.

Refugee Aid

We run a wide range of projects in the UK, all aimed at protecting and empowering refugees and migrants in the UK. Our projects aim to help people to reach their potential through education, skills and knowledge and access to mainstream services. Our work directly impacts the lives of countless beneficiaries in many different ways. We provide free-of-charge services such as legal advice, mental health services, housing advice, digital education, fitness classes and ESOL classes amongst many other services. We help refugees and migrants create meaningful lives and give them the ability to prosper within the UK.

Political Awareness

We know the best way to change the lives of those in need is to be actively working towards bringing awareness to injustices and political issues which have stripped individuals of basic human rights. In order to do this, we raise awareness to these travesties through political engagements, peaceful protests, using our platforms to publicise crimes against innocent civilians. We regularly schedule meetings with major political figures and speak across all forms of media. We also host peace conferences and utilise our position to allow the voice of the disadvantaged diaspora to be heard.

Cultural Events

We understand just how difficult it can be for refugees and migrants to be away from their homes, their families and everything they are familiar with. In order to ease their transitions and help their integration into society without stripping them of their own cultures and values, we put on regular cultural events where beneficiaries can enjoy different forms of art and history of their own cultures such as music, poetry, food and entertainment.