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At ACAA we run a wide variety of events, including conferences, seminars, training sessions and cultural outings. We aim to support all refugees and migrants in the UK who feel isolated and are in need of help and advice. We can provide translation and help to organise cultural events for those from Afghanistan and Central Asian backgrounds, and we provide additional services specifically for Muslim women and children who are working to become part of UK society.

Esol Classes

Afghanistan and Central Asian Association offers Esol (English for speakers of other languages) classes to local members of the community aged 16+. We welcome all levels of ability to improve reading, writing and speaking skills in a fun, relaxed environment. Classes supported by the Big Lottery Fund.

“I need to learn English because I live in London now. I want to talk to people. I’d like to get a good job, and I want to help my daughter with her homework and speak with her teacher. So now I go to English class at ACAA.” Liza

-Saturdays. For classes in Hounslow, Lewisham and Croydon, go to: http://acaa.org.uk/education/ for more information.

Supplementary school

Our supplementary school is for children and young people who are looking for support with school subjects and homework. We encourage academic achievement through fun, educational activities, focussing on English and Maths. We also offer Farsi/Dari language lessons for non-native speakers who wish to learn.

“Before I didn’t really enjoy school because I found it hard to read and do maths. Here, I get a lot of help, I’ve improved my reading and maths, and I have the confidence to do my schoolwork on my own.” Zahara



We offer an array of roles for volunteers including outreach, research and policy, marketing and communications, administration, events and mentors. The placement provides a valuable opportunity to develop employability skills and reinforce existing strengths in a supportive environment.

“Working at the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association as a research and communications volunteer was definitely a valuable experience and the skills I’ve learned will be a huge asset in my future career.” Carly

All week

Women's Project

Women’s tea corner offers a place for Afghan women and other isolated groups to share their experiences and build their confidence. Weekly workshops teach basic skills, English language classes improve speaking and writing abilities, and discussion of current affairs reinforces the importance of Muslim women in the world.

“I was alone when I came here. I found out about the women’s tea corner and for the first time it provided brightness to my life. I have lots of new friends and the best part is that it is only women, no men. We learn lots of new and good skills. We learn English, Persian and the ACAA helps us to build our future.” Shamila


Community advice clinic

In need of impartial and confidential advice? We run a weekly community advice clinic, offering advice and guidance on a range of subjects as well as emotional support. Our clinic aims to overcome the feeling of isolation many refugees and migrants feel, providing friendship, counselling and a listening ear.

“I am a 17-year-old asylum seeker and was made homeless following a family incident. Within an hour, after contacting a number of agencies, the ACAA found me a place to spend the night. I could not be more grateful.” Rashid


Shared Values

Want to learn how to protect your child online and in the real world? Build your confidence and theirs? Meet other parents in a COVID-19 safe environment? Our new, bi-monthly Shared Values Workshops offer guidance and advice from top experts on subjects ranging from digital skills to protect your children, to better understanding the multicultural country we live in, all in a relaxed, friendly environment.

Bi Monthly, check our Facebook page for more details

Arabic and Quran Classes

Afghanistan and Central Asian Association offers Arabic and Quran Classes for both children and adults to improve their reading and writing skills.


After School Homework Club

Our after school homework club offers support for children in Key Stages 1, 2, 3, GCSE level and general Maths, English and Science homework support.


Pashto and Farsi Classes

We offer three-hour tuition in Pashto and Farsi for all ages and abilities.