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Free and professional support

Afghans and Central Asians living in the UK can come to us for free and professional support and guidance on:

  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Immigration
  • Welfare
  • Referrals for legal representation
  • Energy Usage and Savings

We also provide mentors for longer term one-to-one support and tailored help for young people and unaccompanied arrivals.

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We can help find suitable housing, or work with you to resolve problems with existing housing and disputes with landlords. This can include filling in forms, phone calls and legal referrals to other organisations and solicitors.

Employment, finance and welfare

We offer advice and assistance when applying for travel documents, social security payments, loans and grants. We can help you negotiate the welfare system and offer information and advice about your rights and access to healthcare, education and other benefits. We can also help you deal with debt agencies.


We help with applications for visas and other travel documents and can offer legal referrals to other organisations and solicitors.


Our mentors come from diverse professional backgrounds, but they all have experience or expertise that enables them to understand new arrivals’ issues and guide them effectively. Mentors encourage people to develop their skills and fulfil their potential in what can often be a difficult transition to a new country and lifestyle.

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We offer mentoring to anyone who feels they could benefit, whether they have a specific challenge or are looking for more general guidance. Our mentors provide their mentees with the confidence and support to develop their life positively.

We can provide support with immigration and asylum issues, mental health, education, employment and skills training, countering radicalisation (particularly in young people vulnerable to extremism), as well as general guidance and friendship.

Support for young people

We provide support to new arrivals and unaccompanied children, including one-to-one support from our mentors who can help young people gain the skills necessary for independent living.

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We work in partnership with local groups and local authorities to create a better platform for positive collaboration. We help improve the knowledge of young people who have recently arrived in the UK through:

  • Citizenship sessions
  • Workshops and training
  • Creating a pathway plan
  • Mentor support as needed
  • Free immigration information sessions by pupil barristers

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