Women’s Empowerment Project – Picnic at Bushy Park

Aug 17, 2022

As generously hosted by the Women’s Empowerment Project on Wednesday 3rd August, a picnic was organised on behalf of the ladies of Wednesday’s session where we gathered in Bushy Park to share and appreciate the Afghan cuisine and the taste of different households. Chatting away, the ladies that got together enjoyed their time familiarising themselves with one another as did the staff along with the guests. Besides just enjoying the spices and nutrition of the various meals provided, the women decided to have a walk around the park where the aim was to not only appreciate the greens of nature but also to bring a sense of closeness and familiarity with one another.

Swifting into a more vibrant atmosphere we also had music and the guests dancing together, joyful and laughing the day away. Amongst the chaos and unfortunate circumstances of some of the women which are kept behind closed doors or unforgotten trauma that the women are pressured to suppress and forget, ACAA’s aim was to bring a hopeful sense of change in the circumstances and break the chain of the daily routine of suffering of these women, even if it was just for a few hours, these cheerful moments of the picnic are positive memories that the ladies were given the opportunity to take back with them, overpowering the negative and hollow worries.

With more events on the way, ACAA is driven to challenge the issues of the Afghan community and the constant demeaning dominance that has led to many Afghan women being uneducated or forced to narrow and close the minds of potential future career driven individuals which could be the future representation of not only Afghan women but the females across the world and the empowerment persuaded and encouraged in todays society, generation and modern world to focus on the educational development and open minds, supporting bright ideas and futures.

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